Gift Ideas For A Best Friend’s Baby Shower.

There’s just something magical about being friends with someone for a long period of time. And this magic, in our opinion, only triples when that “someone” happens to be a childhood friend. Chances are, youmight have grown up around them, saw them blush and stumble around their first crush, saw them fall in love…and saw them getting married.

If you’ve experienced everything that we’ve mentioned above, then count yourself extremely special. After all, not a lot of friendships last this long.

And now, seeing that you are here reading our words, it seems you are lucky enough to have one more experience under your belt; the “my BFF is pregnant!” experience. And trust us when we say this is no ordinary experience. Here are a few gift ideas on what to gift your best friend, on her special journey to motherhood.

Offer to be her baby shower organizer.

As gifts go, this one may not be very tangible, but trust us when we say this will definitely be a memorable one. Even if your bestie is a great organizer and party planner, no doubt being pregnant will throw her off her rhythm. And as her best friend, it’s not surprising that you’d know her likes and dislikes almost as well as her. By offering to handle all the organizing, you are giving her a chance to enjoy her party without the stress. If you think you can manage it, try to make it a surprise party…!

Call out your photography talents.

With the advancement of cameras in mobile phones now-a-days, almost everyone is a pro at photography. But if your talents stretch a little further than that, offer your services to create a maternity album for her. Knowing the photographer will definitely put her at ease in front of the camera; especially if she’s conscious of how she looks. You could also gift her with the services of a professional family photographer package in Hong Kong if you feel your talents won’t cut it.

A day full of pampering.

If a best maternity photography package doesn’t appeal to either of you, how about a masseuse? The human body changes rather miraculously during pregnancy; especially during the last few months. And with these changes happening, it’s inevitable that your friend is feeling both uncomfortable and even a little sore. A day full of pampering at a spa or massage parlor can feel amazing to her, and it’ll also give you both the chance to hang out together in a relaxing environment.

And if all fails…

Then you go for the fall back plan; Buying loads and loads of goodies for the baby. Generally, people tend to gravitate towards the toys in occasions like this as it’s the easiest choice. But if you want to take it a little further, you can go for clothes, cot bumpers, baby bags, playpens, baby gyms, and of course, all that is necessary to pamper the little one; like colognes, powders and shampoos. Don’t worry if you don’t know the baby’s gender yet…neutral colors are your savior here!